skillsline essentials competency Framework

We do not choose the skills and competencies we teach on our own. We ask employers, colleges, and community leaders to tell us what skills they look for. This way we know you will be spending your time learning ideas and mastering skills that will make a real impact on your life, no matter what your goals are.

Our Skillsline Essentials Framework aligns 30+ career-ready skills into five core competencies:


Self-Agency is a feeling of ownership over our actions and their consequences, and a belief in our ability to take action to accomplish our goals. We build confidence while building character, developing our sense of control and care for ourselves, and for those around us.


Collaboration is a vital skill in the interconnected world of the 21st century where creating with others is at the heart of most work. Strong collaboration and teamwork are built on a foundation of effective communication, which ensures the meaningful exchange of information, ideas, and feelings to achieve understanding with others.

Higher Order Thinking

Higher Order Thinking enables us to use existing knowledge and information to draw conclusions, infer meaning, and create new ideas. It is the source of creativity and innovation! Higher order thinking allows us to build and understand our own viewpoints, while also understanding those of others.


Navigating the world with intention brings meaning and purpose to actions and decisions. We set goals, plan ahead, solve problems as they arise, and resist the short-term temptations of instant gratification. To inform our goals, we seek out information and consider how our actions impact the world around us.

Results Orientation

Getting things done is critical for success, but consistency isn’t easy. Acting with an orientation towards results involves taking initiative, persevering through resistance, paying attention to the details, and striving to surpass expectations.

learning science

Skillsline Essentials is powered by the Everydae platform. Based on the latest advancements in learning science and designed for game-like engagement, our daily micro-lessons are accessible anytime, anywhere. With a unique approach to remote learning and the development of platform specific content, Skillsline simplifies the complexities of human interaction and skill-mastery into understandable language and practical tools. We make this process transparent and straightforward so that learners of all backgrounds and perspectives can feel comfortable and confident along their journeys.


Each learning session is no more than 10 minutes. These short interactions called Microactive Engagements are proven to maximize retention. They are also much easier for students to fit into their busy schedules. Keeping each lesson short matches both working memory capacity and average attention spans.

Game-like elements, quick wins, and constant positive reinforcement keep the experience engaging. Additionally, in order to hold the attention spans of students and give their brains a chance to rest, fun “Extra credit” questions with no wrong answers are frequently interspersed throughout the sessions. Our 10-minute Microactive Engagements are fun and engaging, and most importantly they keep students coming back to build their career-ready essential skills.


Studies show that students forget between 50 and 80% of new material within the first 24 hours. Within a few weeks—unless the content is reviewed—nearly every piece of information is lost. To counteract this, we apply a practice called Spaced Retrieval. Through our scaffolded content, we revisit concepts with breaks of hours or days in between  so that students retain information at a much higher rate. Rather than using methods like re-watching videos or re-reading lecture notes, students are directly engaged to apply their knowledge. 


Research indicates that students who are given the opportunity to attempt to solve a problem on their own, then receive targeted corrections, perform more competently than students who are asked to demonstrate their knowledge after watching a lecture. Productive Struggle is all about learning by doing and is baked into every single one of our interactions. Students get to think through situations before getting a helping hand. All of our solutions explain why students got the question right or wrong. This doesn’t simply give them the answer, it teaches them how to think through and apply the learning, and each question build on the prior answer. Productive struggle ensures that students retain the behaviors and knowledge being taught, and little by little master the essential skills required for success.

essential skills research

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career readiness

The skills covered in our Essentials Framework are those necessary for young peoples’ future success in the workforce.

After analyzing over 80 million job postings from the last two years, America Succeeds in partnership with Emsi found that the majority of job postings request “durable skills”, and that 7 of the 10 most requested skills in job postings were durable skills.