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what is skillsline?

Skillsline is modernizing essential “soft” skill delivery by meeting learners where they are with an engaging mobile-first learning platform that lifts the burden from facilitators. In ten minutes per day, our scaffolded lessons grounded in learning and behavioral science will teach students the essential human skills they need for workforce success.

why did we create skillsline?

We set out to build a platform that empowers any organization to equip young people with the human skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Young people are increasingly expected to leave school with proficiency not only in academic & technical skills, but also in abstract, non-technical “soft” skills.
These essential skills reflect HOW work gets done, and employers across every industry are reporting that they are necessary for workplace success.
Learning organizations have less capacity to teach these skills and as a result, young people are arriving to the workforce without the skills their employers demand.

career ready
essential skills

We looked at lists of skills that employers, states, researchers, and more say are necessary for success in the 21st century world of work to make sure that our Framework covers those that are most impactful for a young person’s success.

skillsline essentials

Skillsline Essentials is a mobile-first tool designed to engage students through daily, active micro-lessons. Incorporating learning and behavioral science concepts to drive high engagement, learning is focused on practical shifts in mindsets and actions, breaking down the essential skills into accessible concepts that can be put to use immediately while building comprehensively over time.

what students are saying

“It allowed me to review ideas and suggestions that might guide me into healthier habits”

High School Senior

“It made me think more about how learning can apply to any situation I may encounter”

High School Junior

“[Through Skillsline Essentials] I realized a bit more about my thinking process and how I view my work and that of those around me. It helps to see what you need to work on, and what you’re skilled in.”

High School Senior

“I realized that I could be more embracing of everything in my life, and I shouldn’t be so closed minded about everything.”

High School Senior

“It put words to what it is I need to work on more.”

High School Junior

“[Skillsline Essentials] made me think more deeply about how I work and the ways that I can improve my daily life through techniques such as affirmations.”

High School Sophomore

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